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Kookaburra Junior Toddlers | Ages 15 months to 2 years

Our Junior Toddlers room caters for 12 children aged from 15 months to 2 years (the children are considered 2 years old until they turn 3 years old so may stay in this room until then if needed). We have 3 fully qualified Early Childhood Educators providing quality education and care to the children in this group.

We run an educational program based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) throughout the Centre including our Junior Toddler room. This educational program is documented on Storypark (see more about this on our Curriculum page) and is available to all families at all times.

Our Junior Toddler room routine is the following:

7.00am Centre Opens. Sunscreen and mozzie spray applied on arrival. Outside play.

8.50am Toileting/nappy changing.

9.00am Morning Tea. 

9.30am  Inside play.

10.30am Pack up time. Play Outside

10.50am Toileting/nappy changing.

11.00am Lunch. 

11.30 Rest Time, Toileting/nappy changing if needed

1.30pm-2.00pm Toileting/nappy changing as soon as the children wake up.

2.00pm Group time (singing, reading books, counting ect)

2.10pm  Afternoon Tea

2.30pm Play outside. Sunscreen and mozzie spray applied.

2.50pm Toileting/nappy changing.

3.50pm Toileting/nappy changing.

4.00pm Begin packing away the yard

4.30pm Late afternoon tea. Depending on the childrens choice inside or outside play until close.

6.00pm Centre Closes.

(This routine is flexible and can change at any time to suit the wants or needs of the children)

Families will need to provide nappies, wipes, several changes of clothes, dummy/pacifiers if required, a set of cot sheets (each child will receive a free sheet bag upon enrolment), any form of comforter and any nappy creams or teething gels. If your child requires medication whilst in care (including Panadol or Nurofen) it will need to have a label on it from the pharmacy with your child's full name and the dosage required.

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kookaburra child care

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